LinkForged: PUBLISH

Link Shortener website for experienced publishers

LinkForged empowers you to choose your advertising method.

With LinkForged you :


Choose your ads

statistique (1)2

Control your RPM

dollar (1)2

Keep full earnings

Custom your locker

LinkForged empowers you with full control over your locker. You have the freedom to decide how to integrate it and have the flexibility to incorporate up to three unlocking steps for users to access your content.

Master your RPM

LinkForged liberates you from relying on a rigid ad system and enduring periods of low RPM. Here, you have the ability to optimize your locker at any time and truly master your RPM.

Keep your earnings

LinkForged does not interfare with your earnings, unlike other link shortener websites that usually keep 50% of it. LinkForged enables you to directly implement ads from your preferred networks and retain 100% of your earnings.

Best publisher experience

LinkForged offers an intuitive interface, and a very simple post creation process that will save you valuable time. You’re not obligated to write a description, add a featured image, an FAQ, or choose between subpar advertising methods.

LinkForged creates shorts and shareable links for you and your community.